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Here’s what some of our Salem, OR customers are saying about us:

This place is amazing, great customer service and great work. they get the job done perfectly and they get it done at a reasonable time set. I love this place so much and I would refer this place to anyone that is looking to get a nice tint job done!

Alena Martinez Trim & Tint Customer Review

Ken and his staff are AWESOME! This is the 4th vehicle Trim & Tint has done for me. This time I also asked for the ClearBra. I am more than pleased! Thanks y'all for doing a great job, I really appreciate you and your awesome work! I would have included a picture but my husband (I love him so) took off with the truck! Jessica

Jessica Chastain Trim & Tint Customer Review

Very good customer service and great price for the tint job on my car thanks

Mario Murillo Google Review

Got 2 of my cars done today. They did a great job very friendly environment. Really enjoyed being there today.

Andrew Evans Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Don Chandler Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Dean Fairly Facebook Review

Excellent friendly service and years of experience! What more could you ask for?

Zella Pray Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Nick C Facebook Review

Ken and Margart are wonderful to work with! They were super swamped yet still got my car done on the weekend since I work all week. The windows look amazing! I almost wish I had another car for them to do....maybe its time to dig the old Barbie dream car outta storage!

Melisa Bernards Facebook Review

I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a high quality tint job.

Jorge Armando Najar Facebook Review

Did an amazing job on my Tacoma! Definitely recommend to anyone

Kearsten Cooke Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Fidel N Karrie Nañez Facebook Review

This is the third car Trim and Tint has done for us. Always a great job!

John Brannigan Facebook Review

Amazing customer service. Great work. I will be a repeat client. Thanks guys!!

Sherri Reaves Facebook Review

Awesome job ! Loved how professional they are. I have 3 more rigs I will have them tint.. Thank you for getting me right in!

Scotty Doran Facebook Review

Another great job by Trim and Tint recently. Looking at getting a third vehicle done soon.

James Kittelson Facebook Review

Got my windows tinted over a year ago Ken did an amazing job referred my friend to them as well she loves the work he did. I will continue to refer friends and family to them.

Jennifer Crain Trim & Tint Customer Review

5 Stars!

Kristine Paladeni Google Review

5 Stars!

Marcus Umstead Google Review

5 Stars!

Margaret Larsen Google Review

Good place to get your windows tinted

glendel hanson Google Review

They are awesome, great work, on-time, cost effective. I would recommend.

bryantbjb Google Review

They did a great job on my honda car

Kevin Gruenefeldt Google Review

Great service lovely people! Will be back for sure!

Devine Garcia Trim & Tint Customer Review

I just purchased a brand, new 2016.5 Mazda 6GT. I had a mask on my 2004 Mazda 6 that I just sold. This time I decided to have a clear bra installed. One of the best decisions I ever made - and an even better one to have Ken perform the installation! He was recommended by the Mazda service department and they couldn't have made a better choice! I had the whole hood covered, so there are no seams (not that they are that noticeable!). Plus all the exposed front areas, portions of the side panels, both mirrors, door cups and, as an extra bonus for some unavoidable delay, he threw in placing it on the top, rear bumper so you would not scratch it when putting in/taking out things for the trunk. Since I am very picky in my own line-of-work, I can appreciate the precision Ken displays in his. The detail of placing it around the nooks and crannies in the front bumper is so awesome. My hat is off to Ken at Trim and Tint.

George Marino Trim & Tint Customer Review

Got my car windows tinted by Ken about a month ago. Overall good experience and would recommend.

I called him up one day after deciding to get my windows tinted in my Audi TT. I brought the car by and we looked at it and talked about pricing and what percent tint level would look good. After looking at the car he told me that normally he'd charge $225 for the job but that he'd do it for $195 (presumably cause of some smaller windows in the front). I agreed to call him in the future and we could set up a time to get it done. About a week and a half later I call him up and we set up a time (I believe our appointment was only a couple days after I made the call). When the day comes I bring the car in and get it parked and he immediately tells me that the job would cost the $225 instead of the $195 that he told me originally. This threw me a little but there wasn't much I could do except walk out, so I agreed.

The job took about half an hour longer than what I was told it would. But this didn't bother me much as I would happily wait longer than have a rushed job done. He told me it took longer than expected to do the rear window as he had to take plastic trim pieces off and dissemble part of the rear taillight. He put the trim back together and sent me on my way. After a few days I noticed an annoying rattle that bugged me enough to finally track down. Despite the name of the place he didn't put the trim back together correctly (it wasn't snapped together in some places and was overlapping incorrectly). This only took me about 5min to fix but shows a lack of detail unfortunately.

Yet with these things I can not fault the tint. The tint looked exceptional. The very large and difficult to do back window looked great and any bubbles that may have been visible the day the job was done completely disappeared after a week. There was however one impurity in the driver side window that stuck out after a week (It looked like some dirt stuck in between the glass and the tint). I brought the car in once again and he quickly agreed to fix that window no charge. This was expected (he warranties his work and the tint) but never the less refreshing to see him quickly accept the fault (I was told it was faulty tint) and move on without any sort of argument. I brought it in and he replaced that window and sent me on my way.

In summary I think Ken does excellent work with his 20+ years of experience and is very good at doing tricky cars (a lot of curved glass). His attention to detail can at times be slightly lacking but in the end I am very happy with the way the car looks and I believe the claims that the tint he uses is the best. I have had the tint for about a month now and plan on updating this review if the tint deteriorates.

I recommend Ken (the owner) and if I have another car that needs tinting then I plan on taking it to him.

Lucas Raab Google Review

5 Stars!

Margaret Martinez Google Review

Great place to take your vehicle for window tinting. Had my truck and several other vehicles done over the years. The truck is now 7 yrs old and the windows still look like new and match the factory tinted rear's perfectly. Have tried the "car stereo installers" before with very mixed results. Trust me, your better of sticking with a seasoned proffesional than a 20 something year old hoping to expand their buisness portfolio using inferior products and no technique.

A Google User Google Review

Best window tinting in Salem Oregon and I have had 3 cars so far tinted by Ken...he uses the best film and it even comes with a lifetime warranty!! Same day service also... if your looking to get your car windows tinted give them a call you will be stoked you did! :)

Jeremy Mandile Google Review

Awesome job, completely flawless. I had my windows tinted by Ken 10 years ago and they still look great. Absolutely no color change, fading or peeling.

A Google User Google Review

Ken and his staff at Tint and Trim are AWESOME.

I have a little VW New Beetle and wanted to spiff it up with some tint.

Calling a detailer who did tint I was given a nice price quote. Calling back to make the appointment, however, they jacked the quote by more than *double*, stating that the Beetles were just tough as no surface in them are flat, but rather curved and that makes tinting hard. I get that... but more than double??

So I hit the web and searched, and found some great reviews for Ken and his staff at Trim and Tint. I called him up and explained my dilemma, and he noted it was indeed a harder vehicle, but he'd have no trouble doing it. His base quote was right in line with what others had given. He told me there was a small increase in charge for time (about 10%) but that was it.

Price was great.

And even better, I asked when he could get it done... he said he already had two cars scheduled for the very next day, but could I bring it in that evening? Heck yeah! So I dropped it off late that afternoon just as they closed. (I wasn't in a hurry, per se, but I was excited to get this done, and getting something sooner is always better than later! LOL.)

When I arrived, he showed me the options in tint level, talked honestly about what wouldn't / might / would draw the wrong kind of attention from those who write tickets, and helped me make a choice.

They called me mid morning the following day to say it was done! The tint is PERFECT. And I mean perfect. He told me in advance that he'd have to split the back window into two pieces, and he'd try to hide the line around a defroster bar. Indeed he did on both counts.

I love the way the car looks, and it makes a HUGE difference in how it feels -- and I could really tell as it was the week we had 100 degree temps!!

I'd recommend Ken, his staff and their shop anytime.

Amy Y. Yelp Review

I have been going to Trim & Tint Window Tinting since 1997!! They have done both of my cars. I even got the paint protection film for the hood of my cars to protect against all those nasty rock chips from our gravel in the winter times here in Salem. Anyways check them out....they even gave me a life time warranty on the film.

Jeremy M. Yelp Review

Great job and friendly staff. Ken was fantastic talking me through the different possibilities and options. We agreed to which one we wanted and then the kindly drove me to my next appointment. Very nice.

The only reason for not five-star is that there's an extra surcharge of $5 when using a credit card (even though the work is over $200). I understand credit card companies charge the merchant and some merchants want to recover their cost but CC's are kind if part of normal business now.

Would still highly recommend their services!!!

Cory P. Yelp Review

Excellent work what more can i say.... I wouldn't go anywhere else.

margaretmartinez YellowPages Review

5 Stars!

Joe Eleen Facebook Review

Love my new tint on my new car looks really really bad thanks to my son in law and my daughter for doing a fantastic job thank you very much.

Robert Martinez Facebook Review

Amazing work ! Beyond satisfied & Great customer service , Thank you :)

Jessica R. George-Maloney Facebook Review

My Tacoma looks incredible! Great work, will definitely recommend you to my friends

Jake Goodman Facebook Review

This place is awesome! Great customer service, wonderful people, and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

Alyson Hearn Facebook Review

Great place and fantastic service!! Wouldn't go anywhere else! Great people, and best prices! Don't go anywhere else, you WONT be disappointed!!!

Jacob Lunstedt Facebook Review

Great place to get your tint done, customer service was very professional & friendly best part of all is my car looks great :) thanks guys

Stephanie Lally Facebook Review

Trim and Tint did an awesome job! Very pleased with the outcome!! Nice, professional people to do business with!!

Travis Smith Facebook Review

Epic tint job

Cameron Cady Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Brian Zettervall Facebook Review

4 Stars!

Rich Gabby Facebook Review

I have been an employee of Trim and Tint for 8 years now but before that I was just another customer looking for a great Tint job . I had my van done & loved it :) I loved the reviews & referrals from repeat customers. The word of mouth was Amazing & that's what made me want to learn more about Window Tinting . As time went on I became so intrigued with Tint I started working for Ken the owner . His skills & years Tinting were AMAZING ! I may be a employee now but even if I wasn't I would still give his business ☆☆☆☆☆s :D Thank you Ken Larsen for the opportunity to be a part of Years of Amazement & Satisfaction ! !

Margaret Mac Larsen Facebook Review

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